Another Journal Entry

Good morning!

I want to apologize for not being able to update that often now. I know I told myself to update at least every day or per week, but two to three weeks is too much. And I’m sorry for letting you guys miss out the fun (as if there’s even fun to begin with lol) just kiddin’

Recently, Chie, my best friend, just tweeted me something sweet: “You are my moon in the dark night, nature’s nightlight meant to comfort travelers and children but also to beautify the world. I am but one of the many stars that surround you and we may be galaxies apart but when we’re together everyone is in awe of us because we shine like diamonds. It’s kismet, beautiful, endless, yearning kismet. I am forever moonstruck by you.”

And on Valentine’s Day. I bought this teddy bear, heart thingy on stick and gave it to Kat. Yes, because I’m sweet like that. Deal with it.

I also met up with Kat at Jollibee a few days later, to head over to Santolan to get the certificate for the outreach program we’ve held the week before. And then we went to Chie’s, watched Crazy, Stupid Love and ate pizza!

Had reporting for PolScie – Bill of Rights. (I told you this is fun!)

A week after that, I went to Che’s post-birthday celebration, also had a reunion with CANS! (Che, Allyssa, Nikka and Shania and tt’s also Ed Sheeran’s birthday!


Yep. My favorite!

And then, I went to Wild Sons Post Valentine’s Day Concert at Isetan, Recto. It was the first time I attended a worship service for Born Again Christians and I actually had fun. It’s like a church thing but they got like a super cool band and super cool crowd. I want to go back soon!

On Feb 22, I took an quiz for Stat, One Way Anova. Lol (I just feel like you need to know the shit I go through at school)

Two days later, I went to UP Diliman to attend Destiny Sunday Service. I met Ate Sara and some cool Christian girls. They welcomed me there and I loved it! There was music and an inspiring speaker! It’s like Wild Sons Post Valentine’s Day Concert but more like a standard worship service.

On Feb 28, my class and I went to Brgy. Roxas to hold another outreach program as part of our NSTP requirements. Trinity does care for the community. They always want to involve their students in community work, which is okay, but kind of exhausting.

The same week, I went to Klein’s house after school to practice for the Retro Dance finals we have in PE. Yes, I now have PE because I just quit being a dance troupe member. Anyway, we had fun at Klein’s house. We were all laughing and basically, having a good time practicing.

After I went home, I took a shower, then suddenly, itchy rashes were slowly dominating my body. It was irritating. It still didn’t stop when I woke up the next day. After classes, I went to our new house in Antipolo, started moving things, furniture, bed and all the things that needed to be transferred despite my itchyness. My parents were alarmed to we went to see my pedia (I’m 16, deal with it.) got my skin checked, went to the pharmacy and drank meds. 

(just a few more and we’ll be done with this awfully long post)

In Dev Psych, Sir Carandang started his lesson in Adolescence Period. Then later on, he was talking about long distance relationship and baaaaam! it hit me like shit. Tagos, man! Then I felt my mood melt from phlegmatic to pessimistic. I started missing people like Chie, Webbie, Yuri (my LDR ex), Kayla, Adrian Taguinod (my elem best friend), even Kat that I was just sitting right next to. In the afternoon, after lunch, we performed for PE (the one we practiced at Klein’s house). Some people said our performance was cute, and I felt happy and better because I choreographed and directed the ‘show’ of course with the help of my groupmates. hahaha!

Now, I’m done updating you guys, you can get your asses up somewhere now, I’m gonna go eat some breakfast and head to school.



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