Dream Board!

A recipe you should prepare for your life! Usually, it is not followed, but it’s still a good idea to have at least a timeline of your life time goals.

In Developmental Psychology earlier, we were asked to make a Dream Board. Here it is.

Starting from 2016 because that’s when I’ll be graduating from college and up to the day I’ll die. Look! I’m going to be an entrepreneur, a concert diva and a superhero! loljk



English subject was next and I have this Korean classmate who’s failing the subject, begs for me to help him with his research paper. I wouldn’t help him at first because I also have so many things on my plate, but then I could see in his eyes the determination to pass the subject… Then here I am, working on his research paper with Kat.

But I’m cool with that, at least I’m helping someone. Hope he passes the oral defense though. I won’t be there to save his ass anymore.

Have a great evening, love. 🙂


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