Random Facts:




– I wiggle my feet to get sleepy.
– I don’t like the taste of coffee. I still drink milk and chocolate in the morning like a kid.
– I have big dreams and I’m still far away from them.
– I think I fart at least three times a day.
– I have this habit of talking to myself in private because talking in public is socially unacceptable.
– I collect paper bags and plastic bags for no logical reasons.
– I collect pretty pens because they are puh-retty.
– I don’t watch animes anymore, but I’ve watched Howl’s Moving Castle and Yakitate Japan, Slam Dunk and Alice Academy.
– I suffer from allergic rhinitis in the morning.
– My favorite books so far are Hex Hall Series, Vampire Academy Series, Breathing Underwater and Percy Jackson.
– I perform in the shower.
– I made my own country, my own language and my own holiday.
– I am cray cray… in an adorable way.
– My hair looks like Hagrid’s if I don’t get it rebonded/styled.
– I have a pretty bad memory.
– I have two stuff toy guards in my room, because I’m scared of the window, baka mamaya may humablot sakin sa window. At least may stuff toy guards ako. 



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