Flowers vs Chocolates

I’m the type of girl that opts to be given flowers than chocolates as gifts. I know chocolates are delightful and yummy and can be fed to your growling cravings, but from a girl who has never received flowers, it would be really sweet if I were be given some. Unlike others who’d specifically say ‘I’d rather have chocolates or cakes because, really, what am I gonna do with flowers? I can’t even eat them.’ – Maybe she’s being practical, or probably, they’re already been receiving tons of flowers either during Valentine’s Day or on regular days and they’re really getting sick of them.

Well, yeah. As for me, flowers are forever sweet. According to my class in Sociology, flowers are also a sign of respect. And chocolates is a sign that a guy wants to get you laid. *coughs* The food contains chemicals that mimics sex hormones that is why you become sexually aroused after you’ve eaten some.

The latter was a fact. I know because it was my research paper topic in first year college. Geez. Beware if a guy gives you some, it only means he is after that ‘thing’. *winks* *winks*


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