Once a best friend, always a best friend.

Last time, I was in my room, thinking about my friends who are in good school, who are the best at what they can do, who are probably going to be successful in the years to come, who have every skill and ability to conquer the world. And I’m just here, an average dude who isn’t the best at anything, who has crappy lifestyle, who tends to have mental breakdown, personal issues and shit. I just felt like I’m consuming so much air that should be consumed by someone more important. And as usual, my best friend was there to help. And I’m glad she was there. I’m glad I met someone who makes me happy and cheers me up.

“So Yssa, PLEASE stop comparing yourselves to your friends. We’re friends without you not because we think ourselves better than you but because of all your good qualities. You want me to list them?

You’re charming. People are drawn to you because when you smile, it’s hard not to be around someone who is sweet and kind and when you get to know her has a wicked sense of humor.

You have a hidden beauty. You may not look like Emma Watson but you have such great inner beauty that what anyone else considers passive becomes MORE. You’re pretty but because of your personality, you’re beautiful.

You’re graceful. The way you move is like a swan. When you dance, everyone wants to watch.

You’re understanding. Webbie and I both said it. You stuck with us through everyhing. You never judged us and you loved us despite our flaws. Why do we not argue? Because even when we’re angry we try to understand each other.

You’re caring. You care about people. You’re not apathetic to their pain. You’re a good sister because you love your sister even when she annoys you at times. You said in your autobiography you wanted to take care of me even if I’m not your lover or your blood.

You’re forgiving. You forgave people who did horrible things to you. You don’t hold grudges or let hate consume that big heart of yours.

You’re not a doormat. When someone slaps you, you slap them back.

You’re adorable. Watch that video of you making the rabbit face. Anyone who doesn’t smile at that has no heart.

You’re creative. I’ve seen your digital art and your photography. You have so much potential if you focus on that and not what you can’t do.

You’re smart. Grades aren’t the ultimate test in intelligence. Einstein said everybody’s a genius. So you just need to rate yourself on what kind of genius you are. So if you’re struggling now in college? Don’t let it depress. Everybody struggles.

So you see? You have so many good qualities about you. And don’t worry about not being so good at something so much. You’re starting your sophomore year of college. You still have time to find yourself. You’re only seventeen. I’m nineteen and I still don’t know who I am yet.

My uncle told me yesterday, “Todohin mo lang kasi di na yan mangyayari ulet. Nomismiss ko na ang college, gusto kong bumalik. Todohin mo lang.”


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