Prostitution should be legalized.

Prostitution should be legalized.

This is what I learned during my research and on the debate in Philosophy class.

Reason why Prostitution should be legalized:

  1. It will reduce poverty rate. – When it has been legalized, it can open more jobs for men women. They’ll gain money to support themselves and their family. They’ll be able to send themselves to school and probably finished college and get a degree.  It could be a way or an option for men and women to help themselves out of poverty.
  2. It will reduce the number or rape/human trafficking victims. – Of course, if many are already available and willing to use their body for other people’s entertainment, then men and women who don’t want to be prostitutes won’t have to be forced. They’ll be safer.
  3. Prostitutes will be safer too because of the rules and regulations that will be imposed. – If prostitution is legalized then the government will have to impose mandatory rules for the safety of the prostitutes, like ‘Thou shall not beat someone when you’re at the peak of your excitement.’, ‘Thou shall have a weekly check up for possible sickness.’, Or ‘Thou shall not get these people pregnant.’ Etc. So overall, you cannot rape any prostitute or take them home.
  4. Prostitution would be a profitable industry and it’s a win-win for the people, states and government. – According to one opinion on, “it would not only benefit the government through taxes, but also through redirecting police resources toward larger problems.” Another one,  “A well regulated sex industry could be a good source of money for a state and the government. An illegal act would also lessen the burden of police departments all over the country, as they would not have to use their resources to arrest prostitutes. It’s a win-win for the people, states and government.”


In addition, sex is healthy for the people, you’re not harming anyone unlike other illegal acts like murdering, etc. and lastly if you’re thinking that legalizing it would mean that people would stop dreaming and just continue gaining money and doing sex stunts forever, you’re definitely wrong, legalizing it would just be another job/option open for people to help them out of poverty, it’s not like, it’s going to be your career for the rest of your life. Comparing it to actors and actresses in the Philippine industry, some of them are using their own resources to live, to survive and to reach their dreams too, right?

Some say, and according to my group mate in the affirmative side, it’s a good way to promote tourism in the country.

And I just remembered the movie Pretty Woman. Prostitution is a good way to find a man who’d fall in love with you too! But then again, that might just only happen in the movie.

Reason why Prostitution should not be legalized:

  1. Health hazards and mental trauma will occur. –We all know it is a risk to get HIV/AID by having sex from one man to another. Plus, just imagine the emotional turmoil that prostitute is going to have. Man after man for a day and it’s just exhausting for the mind and body. That’s going to be mental and physical abuse to you.


Well, I’m just going to cite some more reasons from because my classmates on the negative group didn’t really give plausible reasons why Prostitution should not be legalized.

  • “And YES it’s your body, you can do what you want with it. If you want to commit suicide, no one should stop you! It’s YOUR body. Ever tried meth? Why not!? Do what you want to do! Does anyone feel like there’s something wrong with that? Sure, you do have the freedom and choice to do what you want to do. I think that’s beautiful, and I’m glad for it. But there is something off with being OKAY with others hurting themselves, right? You can feel it somewhere, can’t you??? And with that said, and the flow of logic being A:B B:C, then the government should legalize just about everything, as long as it doesn’t hurt the person around you. If you want to hurt yourself, then that’s fine, it just can’t hurt your neighbor. There is something seriously wrong with that. It makes me sad. And the worst thing is, the people reading this will just think I’m a self-righteous conservative. But this is something that truly bothers me in my heart. I’m not trying to make anyone feel guilty, I just want to share what I believe is true. And I feel that being okay with people objectifying themselves, well, is not okay.” – I say, let us teach them to love and respect themselves, right? Let’s not let them hurt themselves, clearly, their body is the one they’re damaging and that’s just not okay to me too.
  • “Are you saying we should legalize all immoralities? First all, we all know what immoral acts are: murdering, kidnapping, robbing (a bank for example), child pornography, human trafficking, prostitution; just to name a few. By legalizing prostitution, you are actually saying that we can legalize killing, drug abuse, and anything and everything that is against human life/morality. Although prostituting may not have any physical harm as you claim, it is just not the right to do. It’s against humanity. Just like all other moral issues.”


  • “It is wrong to support the legalization of prostitution Prostitution is the selling of a person’s body for pleasure, but there are already an overabundance of excessively pleasurable activities. It degrades the Morality of Society by objectifying women even more than they already are. In order for this country to get back on it’s feet and out of a regression, we need to have morally correct careers. Treating prostitution as a real job option would hurt potential beneficial careers because it is easy. You don’t need college or even school in general to prostitute yourself.”

Yep. That’s the end of it.



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