Reflection paper for Rizal.

My class wasn’t able to finish watching the movie but by the looks of it, it actually shows how the two novels of Rizal was made, adding in flash backs in the movie to further illustrate the connection of the novels and the events that took place in Rizal’s life.

Rizal’s two novels were the very prominent Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which were both starred in by Crisostomo Ibarra/ Simoun and other characters that played vital roles in creating an entire dramatic and tragic story plot. We all know about Crisostomo Ibarra’s plans in dedicating his life freeing the people from deceitful religious chains and the Spanish friars attempting to rule the society by scaring the Indios by their so-called religious tradition, only to dominate them, laugh at them and abuse them financially.

He was such an insurgent writer.

Obviously, Rizal was a well known writer, and as a writer myself, I know what it feels like to be holding a pen, a pen which is a powerful weapon that can either make or break a certain person, or event. Being a person holding a pen can find himself tangled in intricate vines or lethal ends. Rizal was brave enough to speak and write his thoughts with whole honesty, despite the danger, revealing the oppression and discrimination brought by the friars during the Spanish regime, which lead the authority to believe that he was the leader of the revolution. They even had to squeeze Paciano, Rizal’s brother, for information as to Rizal’s involvement in the revolution. Funny how they tortured him out of desperation because I consider those idiots coward, wanting Rizal out of their eyes so that they could still enslave the Filipinos.
Without Rizal’s literary works containing the truth about the injustice and cruelty of the Spaniards and religious clerics, Filipinos will not be awaken, Filipinos will not move an inch against the government and Filipinos will not be able claim the liberty they were once been given.

Rizal did not die in vain. His death symbolizes his victory in shifting our attention to his belief of equality and an anti bias treatment for all. However, this victory faded with him as well.

Today, we celebrate our freedom annually, thanking Emilio Aguinaldo every 12th of June for the independence he had bestowed upon us. But are we truly free? I will totally smack you in the head if you said yes. We may be not dictated by the Americans, but seriously speaking, we are still manipulated by their tradition, seeing at how American-ized our surrounding is and how much we look up at them like they are some bloody Greek Gods and Goddesses. Slowly, we are going to be swimming back to the former state Rizal tried so hard to free us in. The beauty of the ideas he had inculcated in his novels and in the hearts of those who remembered is that, they can be also applied up in the current generation.



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