How People Ruin My Most Liked Songs

Most often than not, I wear my earphones to be able to inhale the soul, the rhythm and the meaning of each song I listen to. I close my eyes from time to time as I try to sing along to the artist as though my voice could ever be as good as them. The four walls of my room must have gotten sick of witnessing such awful sight for probably twenty times a week, but good thing, they are just walls. They could never judge. They could try to wince at my attempt at second voice and instrumentals, but they could never judge.

I like being alone with my favorite songs. I like taking my time listening to them. I like having a moment to appreciate the art that evokes so much emotions in me; the art that makes me pump my fist in the air, scream at the top of my lungs, and cradle my flesh with its warm auditory vibrations. I like embracing the voice of the artist as though I could ever make love to it.


But I hate it when my favorite songs get played too much by other people: on the radio, on social media sites, in public, or every fricking where. When a really good song gets too mainstream, I tend to stop listening to the song altogether. The quality of the song just loses its special magic when people put so much attention to it; the song somehow becomes annoying as I keep hearing it all the time . And I hate it when it happens because I love listening to my favorite songs, on my own schedule and not when people scream it out in public, all the time.

Remember when only a few people know about Thinking Out Loud and it was so romantic to listen to? And then people went crazy about it and started playing it everywhere to the point where it almost replaced our country’s national anthem? And now they’re doing it to Closer by The Chainsmokers.


Listening to these songs now doesn’t give me the chills anymore even when I try, and it’s not the fault of the song writers that they came up with songs that appealed to the mass, but it’s the tradition of today’s generation of playing songs too much and then forgetting it the next day another song pops out on the face of the earth.


You don’t do that to songs. You don’t love them now and then forget it when a new song comes. Songs deserve so much more. Songs are timeless and they deserve to be treated as an extension of one’s soul.


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