You Vs Me: Both Fabulous


In this world full of inequality and hate,

l wish to see women unite and support each other, instead of impairing each other a chance to win what seems to be a screwed up concept of competition and race.

I wish to see women promote love, instead of shaming someone for wearing too much make up, or for having thick thighs, or for being confident with their own skin, or for enjoying whatever it is they’re enjoying.

I wish to hear women speak up against bullying, abuse, sexual harassment, rape culture, instead of playing ignorant in order to avoid inconvenience and thinking that the victim deserves it.

I wish to hear women celebrate the joys of their fellow women, instead of letting envy take over, sabotaging their careers and stopping that from happening.

I wish to witness women gang up against fuck boys, instead of putting up a fight over them. (Seriously, they’re not worth it. Don’t let a boy get in a way of a potential cute friendship.)

I wish to smile at a sight of women complimenting each other for slaying their outfits, for smiling so pretty, for being kind, and killing their brows, instead of comparing and talking shit behind their backs and calling each other mean names.

I wish to read FB comments of women standing up against the society trying to compare each beauty with their own stupid standard, instead of conforming to the mass and glorifying hate on each other.

And I wish to live in a world where women are fierce, where women are empowered and where women stand as one in making this world a better place.

*drops mic*

Make “Women need to build each other up, not tear each other down.” your motto in life.


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