Future “mom” Identity

Seriously, as early as now I’m already planning out how I’d be as a mom in the future. And typically, we all want a mom who wears aprons, bakes apple pies, cleans the house, arranges the bouquets on top of every table, makes sure every clothe is washed and smells fabulous, carries the baby around the house, packs lunch for everybody, gardens, irons, and does everything at home.

Guess what, you guys, I don’t exactly picture myself to be like that. I mean, sure, that’s the ideal image of moms but somehow, I would like to go on a different route. Ever heard of the word ‘career’? Yeah, I’d like to attach myself with my career but not dragging myself away from my family and home. I just don’t want to be a regular housewife with saggy boobs and loose vagina, wrinkled face and messy hair. Hell no. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of being one, seriously. Not that there’s something wrong with that but seriously, you get my point.

I like to have my own work, perhaps be the boss of my own work. That actually sounds more promising. And then, I would pack lunch for everybody, drive kids to school, then go to my office, then probably hang out with my kids after work, make love to my husband and be the queen that I really am. I just don’t want to be stuck at home doing laundry and gossiping with neighbors.

And I do wish I could become successful at this, someday.


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