Little Things

Small choices, small details, small decisions…

All of them may go unnoticed but for some reasons, for me, I guess, these little things actually matter and they do make big differences. We don’t realize this because we often focus on the bigger things: the final exams, the proposal, the birthday celebrations. And let’s admit it, we don’t usually pay much attention to small details but believe me when I say they are as vital as the big ones.

You know in college, we have minor and major subjects, right? And most college students seldom exert efforts on the minor subjects just because they are minors. And at the end of each semester, they get totally disappointed because their general weight average isn’t as high as they expect them to be. Guess what, the neglected minor subject pulled your grade down. Even if you had skyrocketing grades on your major subjects, doesn’t mean you have to put some subjects aside.

Even in relationships, I tell you. Us girls love to receive flowers and gifts because we think they’re sweet and thoughtful and that’s just one way to sweep us off of our feet, but you got to remember, we don’t fall in love with you because of them. We fall in love with you because of the little things you do for us. Like remembering dates (birthdays, anniversary, etc), making plans for us, sending I love you messages everyday to reminds us, giving us lovely notes on a random day, cuddling with us, introducing us to your friends, family and relatives, being proud for having us, kissing us on the forehead, helping us, buying our napkins when we need them, appreciating whatever we do for you in return, giving us compliments, being there for us, and many more. (I would love to add more to the list if you don’t want me to stop.)

It’s useless if you’re all flashy and you’re giving us flowers, chocolates and diabetes if we don’t see how important we are to you and if you even care for us.

This, my friends, should teach you that small things also affect your life. Make sure to understand that you need to pay attention to these ‘little’ things because they make your choices and decisions.


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