Overthinking Ain’t Good

You know it’s crazy every single time I look at photos of people, especially girls that look good and I’d think ‘wow, they look absolutely gorgeous. I wish I look as good as them.’ and then I would scroll more and find out how much people admire them and like them and care for them. Like if they’re going to get lost, somehow the whole world would stop because they’re just that important. Those beautiful girls who gets everything: attention, opportunities and probably happiness and love.

And I wish those thoughts would just stop because they’re toxic, they’re unhealthy, they’re poison. And I feel like they’re killing all the happiness left in me. There are voices inside my head telling me I’m not good enough, telling me I’m not pretty enough or smart enough and I hate it. It sucks, big time. Definitely one of the things I wish never existed next to cancer. I just feel so shitty and for a moment, I had to pause and just say, ‘why the fuck does it all matter?’ Right? It’s not like the world really revolves around it?

You know one thing that I realize is that, you should never let society’s standards screw your awesomeness. No. Just no. You should just do what makes you happy because that’s what’s more important than being gorgeous. When you’re happy, you attract beautiful people. You just let yourself improve and get better, have a career and do the things that you’re good at and you just have to sit back and watch as you catapult to sky high.


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