When I was younger, I thought I already knew a lot of things about being in a relationship. I thought that I could rock at it and get to a hundred years being together without any fights or drama. But now I know I was wrong. So this is basically a list of the things I learned now that I am committed.

  • Fights and misunderstandings are unavoidable and there will be times when you will literally fight over small things like pictures and who forgot to say good night last night.
  • Compromises are needed to adjust especially when you two didn’t really grow up with the same kind of environment. It’s either you make way for her kaartehan or you choke down the fact that your boyfriend has a girl best friend.
  • Patience and strength should be intact. Never lose patience for your partner, always try to understand. And always equip yourself to combat because challenges are inevitable and you must learn how to handle and keep your relationship firm.
  • Keep the relationship fresh. Try new things. Cook for him/her. Make him/her feel special in any possible way. Believe me, all efforts are worth it especially when he/she smiles and appreciates it. Awesome!
  • Being honest will never go out of style. It’s just the best way to communicate with your partner. I swear, tell them about your habits, tell them about how your day went, tell them how you felt about the film you recently watched or book you recently read. You’d be surprised at how easy and comfortable you’ll get.
  • Make them lambing when they’re in a bad mood or if they’re annoyed. Just give them a hug, let them know they’re going to be fine and that you’re there to stay for them. Or if you guys are in a Long Distance Relationship, send them nudes… I’M JUST KIDDING.
  • Relationships are harder than it looks like. Couples may flaunt the flowers, the fancy dinners, “relationship goals” photo op, but trust me, underneath all these are the problems, the stress, and the roller coaster of emotions.

But at the end of the day, we all love the person we’re with, and despite all these roadblocks along the way to forever, we should always trust, respect and love each other with all of our hearts and soul.

Cherish each other, lucky bastards.


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