What’s In Your Schedule?

In general, people typically wake up in the morning, try to be amazing for the whole day, travel, eat and do their chores until they hit the hay. A bit monotonous if you ask me, but this is how the schedule of a normal person works. And usually, people like these tend to set goals for themselves that comprise of travelling to another country, buying a new house, cars and all that jazz. And every once in a while, I pause for a moment and think of reasons as to why people don’t include ‘helping another human being’ on their schedule or ‘putting a smile on a panda today’ on their goals.

Funny how we have time to check our Facebook notification and Twitter interactions but too busy to notice that old woman crying in the corner because she got robbed, and that young lady over there, sweating and waiting for a jeep under the scorching heat of sun. Why not offer a hanky for that old woman and share an umbrella with that young lady?

You see, this is one of the most repulsive things in this generation, aside from Napoles’ mugshot. We tend to focus on ourselves while shutting down the rest of the world. We try to go blind from the reality and separate ourselves from humanity and from the rest of the society. We keep on forgetting to share what we have, we forget to help and pass on the kindness we receive every day.

A little help would bring our world closer to peace and harmony, because help, no matter how small or big, will multiply and multiply until that help goes back to you.


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