So Close, But Not Quite

During Christmas, my mom would always tell me that I can never open my gifts until it’s the 25th of December. So I would spent quite some time looking at the clock every 24th checking it every now and then. I would imagine what gifts I’d receive or what items could fit into this box or gift wrapper. I would be so excited and happy and just create illusions in my head as to how I’m going to get through all of the gift wrappers. The wait is painful yet it gives me time to think, to prepare my plan of attack, and how I’m going to clean up and have my happily ever after with my gifts. And when the clock strikes 12, I’d dig my nails into the wrapper and just get the items out of the wrappers as fast as I could.

I have always loved that part.

The part where you haven’t reached the day you’ve been waiting for or any specific event that you’ve spent preparing on or even just before a roller coaster goes down and pull your soul out of your body. That moment before you reach Nirvana. That moment when you’re just inches away to cumming. That part right there feels beautiful. It’s a perfect combination of pain and hope. So near, so close, you could almost touch it, feel it, taste it. That part where everything is almost within reach. That part where the yellow orange sky is slowly merging with the hues of black to home ethereal stars.

And at the right moment, you see stars bleed light.

That is just incredible.


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