I Cried Pearls Today

“I thought about it and realized life is short. I feel like my love will be longer than my life. So that’s why in this lifetime, my love won’t end.”

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I finished Legend of the Blue Sea today and I have two words: Amazing Ending.

I would like to say thanks to the director, story writer and the great minds who came up with this awesome show. I honestly didn’t think it would be this great. At first, I knew it would be interesting because it has mermaids and Lee Min Ho, but I also expected it to be light and only pure comedy. But then I got to watch and learn more about the story and it’s actually deeper than I actually thought.

It ruined my life for a moment there.  The thing about this series is that the story is so good, you can’t stop watching it. You just find yourself craving for the next episode until it’s the end and you’re just crying again because the ending is too good too. (If only I can convert these tears into pearls, I would have enough to buy myself a pantry full of food). You just sit there and try to imagine how you get hooked by a fricking show.

Here’s why I got hooked:

Honestly, it was so hilarious. The first two episodes were pure comedy. It introduces you to the characters: Cheong (the mermaid) who actually doesn’t know anything, even her name and Joon Jae (the love interest and a con artist). Both of them make such epic hilarious moments that just hugs all fibers of my being and then pulled me to this world of k drama.

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Image result for legend of the blue sea joon jae


Here’s my favorite part: when she didn’t know about traffic signs and tried to imitate the one in the stop light HAHAHA


This series also stressed me out because certain characters wouldn’t see or remember each other, but I like how everyone else is actually connected but has no idea, of course. It makes the thrill a lot more painful but exciting at the same time. I think I’ve caught myself a hundred times yell at Si Ah, “THAT’S JOON JAE’S MOM!”

And that, kids, will be one of the reasons you won’t stop watching this show.

Image result for legend of the blue sea joon jae and mom

It made me laugh too when Cheong was upset because she didn’t have food in the hospital and Joon Jae had to fight with the hospital director so Cheong could have her rights for food. #RelationshipGoals

Image result for cheong legend of the blue sea food

It made me envious because Cheong cries pearls, has pretty skin (she doesn’t seem to have any pores), looks good on anything she wears and has beautiful tail. And yes, I love watching this series because I can stare at beautiful characters. I can stare at them all day.

Image result for cheong legend of the blue sea food

It made me feel sorry for the people who do not know the value of love because these two kids absolutely do though.

Image result for legend of the blue sea joon jae and mom

Image result for legend of the blue sea joon jae and mom

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It made me tear up because that kind of love that Joon Jae and Cheong shared is out of this world and I don’t think anything like it ever exists That love is the kind that would make all pain bearable. I want it. WHO DOESN’T? It’s something to cry about.


I could say that the last episode is the perfect ending to the whole series. It showed that when one’s love is genuine, it will stay, it will not forget, it will not end.


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