Yssa and The City


For someone who grew up loving Gossip Girl and Sex and The City, it is not a surprise to know that she would also wish to experience walking the streets of Manhattan, New York. But if that someone can’t afford a plane ticket abroad, then BGC is a place to be. A place of luxurious lifestyle, amazing restos and bar, chic residential places, parks and of course, office skyscrapers overlooking the rest of the city.

Processed with VSCO with t1 presetbgc 10

It was when my class in 1st year college got invited to participate in a fun run activity in BGC that I first saw the place and automatically fell in love with it. As we run around and towards the finish line, I was already imagining myself 5 years later to be walking the streets of BGC and going to my work.

Little did I know, that within only 4 years, I’ll be able to achieve that dream.

I got hired last year in a direct hiring BPO company just across the Fort. And luckily, it’s near every place that I have been dreaming about going to: Mind Museum, Burgos Circle, High Street, etc.

bgc 9

bgc 6




And every day I come to work, I pass by High Street and can’t help thinking that I’m either Carrie Bradshaw or Serena Van Der Woodsen, but of course, smaller and more asian.

bgc 003

BGC 001.jpg

BGC 00.jpg


The thing about BGC is that, you’ll never feel that you’re in the Philippines at all. You can encounter people from different culture, no evident sign of pollution or traffic, no vandals, you can freely jog and bring your phone with you without the fear of getting robbed, plus, there are lots of parks you can hang around where you can just chill and reflect on your daily life decisions.

bgc 4



And oh, have I mentioned, night life is lit too?

Last Christmas, my boss brought us to The Palace Pool Club, where I, honestly, have gotten drunk and have no regrets because it was a party to remember. (Also, sorry for the low quality photo hehe)



(what’s up with the white dress? I have no idea either. I just put it on the morning and totally forgotten about the Christmas party. So there I was, looking like a 15 year old attending her prom. Fortunately, they didn’t ask for my ID.)


This photo looks funny to me. I remember taking it for documentation purposes and look how blurry it is. Seems to me like even when I’m drunk, I know my priorities. #NailedIt

BGC is a place for photoshoot as well. You can bring your DSLR or even just an iPhone and then pose. No one. And when I mean, no one, I literally mean no one, is ever going to judge you because everyday, lots of people do that. For BGC provides perfect Instagram worthy backgrounds just for you.

bgc 8

I sometimes think that BGC is only built for the millenials to abuse. Like me.





Or like my friend.



You get my point.

And only in BGC, where I get to see celebrities on a daily basis like James Reid, Nico Bolzico, Ogie Alcasid, Ida Andu, and many more. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get photos when I encounter them. And also, because I get shocked when I see them in person so I just let them be. I don’t know. It’s definitely something different to me that’s why I like seeing celebrities in person too, even when I’m not entirely a fan of local movies or tv series. (forgive me)

Anyway, my friend and I originally planned to move in to an apartment in Taguig once we start working so everything would be accessible to us and we don’t have to endure Manila traffic. But like most of all plans, it didn’t happen. It’s probably the one thing left on the list of things that I really want to try out. Although, it’s still a nice thing since I’d miss my family so much too. I’d just stick around some more and then get the hell out of the house.


My dream is fulfilled when I stepped on to this side of the world. Will definitely go back here. 🙂



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