Lazy Day on a Tuesday


Lazy days are like prized possession to me, they’re like the limited edition of Nike fly knits or Nutella Mint spread (yeah, I made that up but wouldn’t it be cool if they have one?)

But you get my point, alright. Ever since I got work, all my weekdays are spent in the office, working my ass off and all weekends are packed for social events and I seldom have a day where I can just lie down, relax, take my time, read a good book and enjoy some quality moments in my room.


Today, I am alone at home because my parents are out. And it’s like I won a gift package from Santa Clause in Summer.

It’s my lazy day plus I have no parents at home, equals… Yeah, I wish I can throw a party like the kids in the US. Sadly, I’m no party animal to do that, besides, I hate cleaning up and I’m pretty sure I’ll be dead when my parents get home when I do that. #AsianProblems

But seriously, no parents at home is like a holiday, a day of the year where you get absolute freedom (and when I mean freedom, you still have rules hehe). It’s the perfect opportunity to try and get to do things you are not allowed to do or try things you aren’t capable of doing when people are home.

Back when I was a kid, I was so excited to be left alone at home that I used up my mom’s lipstick to draw on the cabinet (I almost died from palo ng tsinelas. Oh, and I don’t mean literally). One time, I remember, I would use the blankets and wrap them around myself and design my own gown. I would walk in front of the mirror and even wear my mom’s big sandals. There was this one time as well when I put as much Stick O’s in my mouth just to see how many can fit (15-16! Beat that!).

As I get older, I keep finding amusing ways to entertain myself when I’m left alone. They usually go from mild to wild. Like this one time, where I tried to make a grilled cheese sandwich, I imitated Gordon Ramsey’s accent and tried conducting a cooking session with people who are nonexistent. Or when I’m totally in the mood, I would study a choreography online and record myself dancing.

But there are moments like this when I go from a perfectly normal adult to a kid stuck in the 3rd of Erikson’s developmental stage, I started off doing my chores and blasting the speakers with Ed Sheeran songs, and then downloading Grey’s Anatomy (for future needs), reading important social issues online, and then dancing randomly on IG to the beat of Ed Sheeran’s Barcelona and then screaming my heart out singing New Man and Happier.

Now if I can just go back in time and visit the person that I was over a year ago: the person who cried over a heart break she couldn’t get over because she thought her happiness depends on other people, I would slap the living hell out of that girl and remind her that happiness can be found within her. Adios!


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