They Sliced Me Open

Exactly a week ago today I was in a hospital bed in the recovery section of St. Luke’s Medical Hospital, shivering, sleeping and staring at the digital clock on the wall in between. I was, a part from my state of grogginess, excited to see my family and my boyfriend waiting in my room. At last, after facing a lot of rescheduling and cancellation, my surgery is finally done and I survived it. With the help of my awesome OB doctor, anesthesiologist, and nurses, of course.


I have to be honest though, I was totally nervous going in. When I was in that recovery section, being prepped for my surgery, (which was about to happen any second by the way), I was already imagining all the things that could go wrong.

anxious gif

But I was calming myself down as I observed all the nurses passing by my bed, and doctors going in and out of the door. Hey! I’m just like in another episode of Grey’s Anatomy and hell yeah, my OB doctor is so pretty like Addison.


I’m going to be okay, Addison is not gonna let anything bad happen to me. SHE BETTER NOT!

“G na daw.” A doctor intern yelled, basically disrupting my Grey’s Anatomy thoughts. “Game na guys.” She said again.



TEKA LANG HOMAYGAD ARE YOU SURE GAME NA???? Take care of my beautiful gorgeous body, beautiful humans, thou who are instruments of the Lord God.

And the rest of the nurses flocked around my bed, pushing my bed to the operating room.

Related image

Hello, there doctors. 

My doctors and nurses didn’t actually posed like this last week, but this is just how I would like for you to see them. So just imagine.

From my recovery bed to the operating bed, I transferred and as I lay there, one nurse asked me to recite my name, birthday, what kind of procedure I would be going through, what are the names of my OB and Anesthesiologist and blah blah.

And as soon as my anesthesiologist injected whatever it is to keep me asleep, I fell asleep. A second later, that same anesthesiologist woke me up and told me that the procedure is over. I fell asleep again after that.


I woke up a week later, which is today.

Naaah, I’m just kidding. As mentioned at the beginning, I was part sleeping, part shivering, and part looking at the clock. I just couldn’t wait to be in my room and see the face of my family and boyfriend, really.

I’m still recovering as of now, and on complete bed rest for a month. And that kids, explains my one week hiatus from my blog. And many of you still don’t know why I had the operation. I often joke around and tell people I had breast implants lol but no, that’s really not it. Half of the reason why I didn’t want to disclose the kind of operation that I had was because it felt too personal and second, you really didn’t need to know about it. It’s my medical case and you guys are better off without knowing it.

Imma just enjoy my 1 month of vacation (according to my mom, it should be 2 months too) even though I’m feeling kind useless and bored now too. But let’s just say, I’m still in college, taking her summer break, but unlike others, I can’t swim and go anywhere because my wound hurts AF. Uughh, life is so unfair.

Image result for emma roberts tantrums gif

But anyway, thank you for all the get well wishes. They mean a lot to me. I sure will get better fast and dance with you guys again! Ciao!

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